Is there any major difference b/w 1st edition & 3rd edition Datastructures & Algorithms in Swift?

Hello, Venerated Swift Developers,
I am having Interviews in the next few weeks for ios developer’s job.
I had purchased the 1st edition of Raywenderlich Data Structure & Algorithms in Swift language previously to prepare for interviews. However, I saw its recent 3rd Edition. Plz, can anyone tell me whats the major difference b/w these two in Data structure concepts & algorithms, other than that Swift language updated?
Finally, Can I continue with the 1st edition itself else should I purchase the new 3rd edition if there significant changes in the book topics?

@chethu You can find more information about your question over here:

I hope it helps!

Thank you! BTW I only created that Q! Anyways I will look into it.

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