Feeling overwhelmed by Advanced iOS App Architecture

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Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I have approximately 2-3 years of experience writing Swift and I am very keen to level up. I picked up the Advanced iOS App Architecture book but I feel overwhelmed, is this normal? May I ask what could be a pre-requisite or what is my recommended path to take to prepare myself for the book.

I think the Design Patterns book is a good resource to go through before this book

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Hi @happiehappie

A good starting point could be Design Patterns by Tutorials book where you can learn the following patterns MVC, MVVM (without Reactive Frameworks), State and Coordinator.

To familiarize with Redux you can follow this tutorial: ReSwift Tutorial: Memory Game App

After that you can read the RxSwift: Reactive Programming with Swift book where besides learning Reactive Programming, in chapter 24 you’ll learn MVVM (the reactive way) and in chapter 25 you’ll architect & code a small RxSwift application.

Trust me both books worth every single penny

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Hi @happiehappie, I’m one of the authors of the Advanced Architecture book. I recommend the same references shared above. I also recommend watching some of the RWDevCon conference session recordings where we cover the same material step by step:

If you get stuck with anything please let me know and I’m happy to help clarify anything. Hope this helps!



Hi @rcach, I’ve tried those materials in the past but KooberKit never worked for me so never had the chance to see KooberApp in the simulator.

May I ask depending on next step for difficulty / priority for levelling up in 2020, should I do the RxSwift book or Combine book?

Hi @happiehappie

Answered a similar question in a different thread: is combine a replacement for RxSwift?

What I recommend is to do not get married with one framework, all frameworks are different with pros & cons and you should make the correct choice based on your needs

IMHO If your development is more balanced to:

At the end my recommendation is to read both :sweat_smile: in order of appearance, By exploring how different frameworks apply their own solution to the same topic will expand your skills and you’ll be able to see the big picture of it

Curiosity is your best friend

Hope it helps
Good Luck! :]

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