Creating a PDF in Swift with PDFKit |

Thank you so very much @bmorefield.

hello, is there a way to also set the file name rather than the “PDF document” it currently has?

is it difficult to retrieve Sqlite database information and write it to this PDF?

Hi Sir, I want to send this generated pdf to server, is that possible, if Yes, can you suggest me the possibility

Hello… late to the party. Will this work using SwiftUI and Xcode? My main question would be, how would I create an emailable PDF with information from Core Data? I want to create an invoicing app that would use Core Data to populate the fields with predefined products, SKU’s and pricing. There will also be a digital signature field and then I want to be able to email a signed PDF to the customer, myself and our business office. Any good ideas?

It was a great help in creating PDFs in the iOS APP. But how do I print the contents of the PdfView?