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Hi there. I’ve been a big fan and member of RW for going on ten years I reckon. During that time I’ve used the iOS Apprentice all the way from Obj C until now, using it to learn SwiftUI.

Taking the content and making it more modern each time I’m sure is a massive undertaking but I am little disappointed in the current incarnation. One of the great things this book taught in the early days was the process of refactoring. It did this through taking you through the creation of checklists and then being able to group checklists into higher lever (or folders as it were).

This step Is now gone from the Checklists app and it also misses a valuable opportunity to teach data flow within SwiftUI. It’s not an uncommon paradigm to have groups of a object, then the object then view the detail screen of the object.

I really wish you guys would bring it back.

Thnaks for the all the efforts gone into keeping these up to date. It truly must be a massive undertaking.