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Also i am trying to make a game based on some tutorials of the platform but i am having a rough time with 3D tilemap movements thats why i am trying to do the tutorial of chess, if there is anyone know something on the topic please let me know, thanks in advance

Greetings! First I want to say I really enjoy using the tutorials here and I’m learning a lot about Swift and app development for iOS. But I would like to add a couple of things that is causing me a lot of frustration.

First, if I have a question regarding a particular tutorial and I add the question to the tutorial forum it is sometimes weeks before I get a response. I do understand that many of the instructors have other jobs and they might not check this daily, but 24 days is it bit excessive and leads to negative learning. Part of the reason for purchasing the Pro version was to have access to instructors knowledge directly via discussions.

Second, as I’m happy to see that many courses are being updated or added, although when following a learning path, such as the iOS and Swift Learning Path, when it is updated or changed it resets the fact that I completed the section already. December seems to of have many updates to this learning path and it makes it very hard to keep up with what I’ve already learned now that so many tutorials have been updated or added.

Thank you and I look forward to any response.

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Panel Simple Bed Design
The third bed on the Panel bed. This bed has two kinds: the one type of this headboard and the second footboard. I’m sure you’re thinking that you have heard of this bed furniture since childhood, but it’s an old-fashioned mattress but you’ll be good sleeping upon these mattresses. They are both connected by rails made of wood.

Sleigh Simple Bed Design
You are probably aware that sleigh beds are curved on both the footboard and headboard. In addition, the bed’s sides are larger than the other beds were mentioned earlier. The bed furniture dubai are medium-sized in height. Additionally, we are here to inform you that a variety of elegant designs that are offered in Sleigh beds.


After the ideal place has been determined, the furnishings that is suitable for us should be selected. The selection of the most suitable furniture doesn’t need to be arbitrary. In this article, we spoke about how to create an organized wall, definitely an option that is more comprehensive than the TV cabinet.

The distinction is significant. The tv unit can be described as a storage device which is placed beneath the TV, typically on the sofa. Fully visible, it has shelves (and concealing the cables) or drawers or doors.

A wall with an equipped design however provides greater or less the whole walls (in terms of length or height). It is possible to accomplish this by a variety of ways.

  • It could be an equipped wall which rests on the wall or self-supporting , which can be placed in the middle of the living space.
  • It may extend across the complete width of the wall, or only a portion. The wall with the acoustic can have shelves that are exposed and shelves, or concealed.
  • It can be constructed of steel, wood, iron, glass or an insulated wall entirely made from plasterboard.

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