A Secret Book Coming Next Monday!

A book about unity 3D, maybe focused on VR applications/games?

RW Behind the Code - The untold truth.

The tacOS SDK is based off of Cocoa Touch, but unfortunately, its really messy

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macOS by Tutorials or macOS Apprentice

macOS by tutorials :slight_smile:

Android by Tutorials!

Android by Tutorials

Maybe, Android Apprentice?

Hmmm… possibly Writing AI to Reverse Engineer Apps by Tutorials

“Realm by Tutorials”

Design Patterns in Swift or iOS App Architecture?

I think it’s going to be Swift…N, where N is any integer.

Objective-c is back !

Android Apps by Tutorial?

Android by tutorials, swift algorithms/data structures or… Maybe, how to catch all pokemons in swift (by tutorials)?

“How to Migrate to Swift 3.0 Without Hating Life”

It will be about something amazing and amazingly well written :grinning:

How to Swallow all the Swifts and not Chicken out. :slight_smile:

macOS for sure :slight_smile:

Unity Games By Tutorials! :pray: